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Brazil Get $100 million as World Cup Legacy Fund from FIFA

Brazil Get $100 million as World Cup Legacy Fund from FIFA

As a governing body in football’s world, FIFA, a not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland, generated more than $4 billion in sales from the 2014 tournament. And it pronounced on Tuesday that it had set up a $100 million World Cup Legacy Fund for Brazil, aimed at sports facilities, youth and women’s football, and medical and health projects.

FIFA presented the sustainability report of the 2014 FIFA World Cup based on international standards and the details of the $100 million Football Legacy Project Tuesday, reports Xinhua.


FIFA established the 2014 FIFA World Cup Legacy Fund to sustain the long-term impact of the World Cup in the country.


Several key principles will guide us: the project will be implemented in close collaboration with the CBF, we will share and communicate the results in a transparent manner and the use of the funds will be controlled and audited in accordance with the relevant FIFA development regulations,” said Valcke.


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GTA V Holds Top Spot in UK Software Market

On the list of UK’s best-selling games, FIFA 15 (-28%) climbs a place to No2 just edging ahead of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (-34%) which is down to No3. With no new releases to speak of the Top 10 is made up of familiar faces with Ubisofts Far Cry 4 (-44%) a non-mover at No4. Minecraft: Xbox Edition (-11%) climbs to No5, while Minecraft: Playstation Edition (-24%) stands firm at No7. The two titles sandwich a second Ubisoft title The Crew (7,940 / -47%), which slips a place to No6. Assassins Creed: Unity (-47%) and Destiny (-35%) are are at No8 and No9 while Warners Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham (-27%) climbs three places to No10. “


What I Learnt From FIFA 15


My instalment of videogame updated into the newest finally. So let me share my experiences with all of you.


Some of the faithful readers of the humour column will remember my little piece on managing Bayern on FIFA 11. In it, I told you how I have butchered Bayern virtually beyond recognition, even playing 4-4-2 (that admission nearly got me fired from the blog).


Guess what? I got myself a shiny new PlayStation 4 and, what was the second game I bought? That is right, folks. FIFA 15. I got it right after I picked up Grand Theft Auto V. Do not judge me. Who are you, Jack Thompson?


Anyways, I digress. The thing is I got FIFA 15 and, being somewhat of a renegade that does not play online, I immediately started Career Mode. Naturally, I chose Bayern as my team. What have I found so far?


 Back to treble tactics


I’m happy to report that I am using 4-2-3-1 as my main tactical scheme for the team. Given the fact that Thomas Müller has an overall rating of 86, compared to his rating of 80 back in FIFA 11 makes it much easier to exploit his raumdeuter abilities behind Lewandowski.


I also reverted to 4-2-3-1 because I was politely warned that I had to change formations in the new game if I wished to continue writing for The 4-2-3-1 Illuminati Bayern Group Bayern Central. I probably should not have said that.


My pieces in this blog have always been adamant in reminding everyone that having two holding midfielders is basically putting the soul of the team in defensive midfield. FIFA 15 is making me feel that firsthand. Whether it is Bastian Schweinsteiger, Xabi Alonso, Javi Martínez, Sebastian Rode or even Thiago, you can actually feel them pulling the team together.


Then you remember it is a video game, get a bit scared, and go back to hammering Hertha Berlin.


 Bayern’s font looks awful


The font that Bayern use for the names and numbers of the players, as well as the Bayern München print in the back of the shirts is beautiful. It is simple, understated, but unmistakably Bayern. Its simplicity should have made it an easy one to recreate for the video game.


Just as I butchered the team in the 2010 iteration of the game, EA butchered the font. “Bloated” it is more like it.


Call me OCD, but there are tons of things wrong here. First off, the actual name of the player is not in the correct font. Secondly, the numbers look bloated and caricaturesque. Thirdly, Lahm has a nice butt.


This probably nags me more than it should, but I often find myself shaking my head when a replay shows the back of players’ shirts. After all, this is a game that professes a constant strive for realism. This sort of detail makes gamers feel at home with the game, and I am sorry, but this does not cut it for me. Fix it, EA.


 I sold Mitchell Weiser


“Use this for your Man Crush Monday” gets you sold in my book.


Let us face it: Bayern blew their money on Mitchell Weiser. In my perfect virtual administration of the club, selling him was first in the order of the day when I started the game. I was happy to let him go for €475,000.


Maybe they will use him for Man Crush Monday in Italy’s Serie B.


I read more emails than I play games


FIFA is not only realistic in the likeness of the players and the feel of the game. It is also realistic in the boring office parts of the job. I get an average of 10 emails per game week, be it from scouts (who I constantly have to relocate to find players I will not buy anyway), players who feel I am not giving them enough playing time (Starke, sadly), and the board telling me I must win the Champions League Champions Cup.


Oh, and yes, it is called the Champions Cup. Dumb UEFA sold the Champions League naming rights to Konami for their ridiculous PES series, so EA had to make do with making it a cup.


Well, I get intimidated when players ask me for more playing time. When I get that sort of email, the player gets a place in the startelf for the next game. I am weak, and probably a bad manager.


I am still the boss, and the next time you write to me begging to play a bit… I will probably just give you what you want.


Yes, injuries


Bayern have had a bad first half of the season in the injuries department. FIFA thought it would recreate that for me too. Bastian Schweinsteiger got injured in a pre-season game and was out for three months. Same went for Mario Götze and Javi Martínez. Dante is currently injured.




I mean, I have suffered enough with the real injuries. Can’t my videogame fantasy be a bit brighter and better? No. Sincerely, EA Sports.


My techniques may be challenged in the game also.

Promoting Fifa Coins Development

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FIFA Ultimate Team becomes more and more popular among players on FIFA these days. The strikers play the most important and expensive role on the pitch in most teams, and  EA released a list of the top 20 goal scorers used by players worldwide before new year, which  may surprize players a little.


20. Robert Lewandowski (Bayern Munich) – 4.90 million goals

The Bayern Munich striker costs around the 100,000 coin mark, so is more difficult for players to have in their team, which probably results in him being so low on the list.


19. Mario Mandzukic (Atletico Madrid) – 4.90 million goals

Behind Karim Benzema, Mandzukic is probably the best striker in La Liga in terms of the coins you would have to spend to have him in your team. Barely costing a few thousand throughout the duration of the game, Mandzukic evidently can finish chances.


18. Stevan Jovetic (Manchester City) – 5.05 million goals


Personally, Jovetic has been one of my favourite strikers on Ultimate Team over the past two seasons. Not an expensive player, but in front of goal, finishes just as well as the more expensive strikers.


17. Rodrigo (Valencia) – 5.48 million goals

Rodrigo was a popular choice last season in Liga Portuguese teams when he played for Benfica. This year, with a move to a more popular league, it’s no surprise that the Spanish forward is again a popular player.


16. Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli) – 5.50 million goals

Higuain, throughout FIFA Ultimate Team, is another striker that has never been too expensive, due to his lack of pace. That has given players a renowned finisher for a fraction of the price of others (for example the next player on the list).


15. Carlos Tevez (Juventus) – 5.63 million goals

Carlos Tevez, since his move to Juventus, has become the number one striker in the Serie A and his price on FIFA shows that. I have no qualms in saying that, if he were cheaper at the beginning of games (started at around 60,000 coins) then he would have almost double that total.


14. Ciro Immobile (Dortmund) – 5.75 million goals

Ciro Immobile is a new striker in the Bundesliga, a league where there are not that many options. Realistically you have the Italian, his team mate Adrian Ramos and Robert Lewandowski. With the price of Lewandowski, it’s no surprise to see the Italian forward is popular.


13. Mario Balotelli (Liverpool) – 6.25 million goals

Mario Balotelli, the man who cannot score in real life, but has been one of the most popular Ultimate Team strikers since he signed for Manchester City. His pace and power have caused many defences problems in-game and his finishing is strong, hence over six million goals scored using the player.


12. Christian Benteke (Aston Villa) – 6.28 million goals

Christian Benteke is what is known on FIFA as a ‘cheap beast’ in my opinion. Especially this year, with the new physicality option on cards, Benteke’s strength is better than most defenders in game and makes him an excellent addition to a team, especially if partnered with a pacey striker.


11. Javier Hernandez (Real Madrid) – 6.30 million goals

The little Mexican has always had an eye for goal and with him being in La Liga, where the striking options are limited for the big spenders; he has become a more popular option for players. A goal scorer, worth the 1,000 coins or so he will cost you.


10. Eduardo Vargas (QPR) – 6.50 million goals

Vargas’ move to the Premier League was going to make his card popular. Quick strikers are usually popular in the Premier League and the Chilean forward cost barely a couple of thousand coins since the game was released.


9. Diego Costa (Chelsea) – 6.59 million goals


Diego Costa is probably the most expensive option in the top ten, which highlights that he is a popular player in the game. Costing near 100,000 coins from when the game was released, few players would’ve been able to afford the Spaniard so early, so to have so many goals shows the strength of his card


8. Karim Benzema (Real Madrid) – 6.59 million goals

Benzema is similar to Costa in the fact that he was expensive at the start of the game, as he was the best striking option in the La Liga, due to Luis Suarez being suspended and Lionel Messi being far too expensive. Benzema is a quick striker, with good finishing and heading, so an all-round goal machine.


7. Victor Ibarbo (Cagliari) 7.20 million goals

Victor Ibarbo is one of the quickest players on Ultimate Team and was a popular choice last year with Luis Muriel in Serie A sides. With Muriel now an expensive silver, Ibarbo has been one of the top gold players in the league, without being too expensive.


6. Alexandre Lacazette (Lyon) – 7.31 million goals


Lacazette has been on form for Lyon this season, which has been replicated by EA giving the player two in-forms this season. His normal card is a rare gold, worth no more than one thousand coins and has plenty of pace and ability in front of goal.


5. Danny Welbeck (Arsenal) – 7.34 million goals

Danny Welbeck as a non-rare was a surprise at the start of the game, but from day one, he has been one of the cheapest, yet strongest Premier League strikers on the game. With excellent pace and finishing, Welbeck is a must buy for those with little coin totals


4. Romelu Lukaku (Everton) – 7.87 million goals

Romelu Lukaku is very similar to Christian Benteke, in the fact that, the addition of the physicality aspect of the game has made his card much stronger. The advantage Lukaku has over Benteke is that his pace is a lot stronger, which has made him more popular in my opinion.


3. Loic Remy (Chelsea) – 10.25 million goals

Loic Remy, pacey, strong in the air and a finisher in front of goal; is there much else you need in a FIFA striker? His price has been reduced considerably due to the team of the year cards and the packs being opened lately, so as you can see by the total goals, a worthy addition.


2. Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool) – 10.27 million goals

Daniel Sturridge was a strong card last year, but thanks to an excellent season with Luis Suarez last season, he has been made even better this year. Excellent pace and shooting, Sturridge is one of the best strikers in the Premier League section this year on FIFA.


1. Adrian Ramos (Dortmund) – 10.78 million goals


A possible surprise as to the number one position, but in my opinion it’s an expected one. With Germany winning the World Cup this year, the Bundesliga was always going to be popular on FIFA. With Lewandowski being so expensive and Aubameyang being moved to a right midfield position, Ramos has become the quickest and possibly strongest striking option in the Bundesliga, whilst his price has been consistently under 10,000 coins since the start of the game. Excellent card.


It’s natural to see that most of the players on the list are from the Premier League,  which remains most popular on the game. But number one position does not belong to that league surprizes players a little. So which striker on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team do you like most?

FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team of the Year forwards become useful for 1 day

After goalkeeper, defenders and midfielders has left in the week, it’s now the turn of the front line.  The final batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team of the Year cards are now useful from packs, but for only 1 day!

Ronaldo (LW), Messi (CF) and Robben (RW) will only be available for one day, which may for the best because their FIFA 15 Ultimate Team card stats are a bit mental.

Ronaldo is a 99 (!) overall, with 98 Pace, 99 Shooting, 90 Passing, 99 Dribbling, 42 Defense and 89 Physical. Unsurprisingly, Messi isn’t far behind with a 98 overall rating and 97 Pace, 96 Shooting, 94 Passing, 99 Dribbling, 41 Defense and 72 Physical.

Robben is a relative slouch in contrast, with a 96 overall rating. His stats are 98 Pace, 95 Shooting, 90 Passing, 98 Dribbling, 40 Defense and 72 Physical.

So let’s  enjoy the fun brought by any of those three right now!


The Fastest Way to buy FUT15 TOTY Packs

fifa image

Are you an avid fan of the FIFA 15 game and are interested in FIFA 15 coins? Do you want to know the tips and the tricks on earning coins for the FUT 15 TOTY without trading? Well, the following is of the fastest ways that you can try out to earn coins that you dearly love without breaking much of a sweat. If you are really interested in becoming rich playing FIFA 15, then you need to read on.


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TOTY cards for Di Maria, Kroos, Iniesta and Robben will be available soon,whom did you you hoping to get inside a pack – Robben, Kroos, Di Maria or Iniesta?

59th Minute Trading Method For The Market Crash


Everyone knows how hard it is to earn a lot of fifa 15 coins in a short time period in Fifa 15 Ultimate Team. But, there are ways with whom you can get fast and safe coins without spending hours on trading. I will tell you an impressive trading method technique which is very famous for most traders, but is still very effective: the 59th minute trading method. I will tell you how this method works and when to use it.


Here is what you need to do:
1.Go to the Fifa 15 Ultimate Team Web app and sign in with your account.
2.Go to the transfer market and fill in: – buy now min.: 10.000 coins, -buy now max.: 50.000 coins, Quality: gold, Position: striker
3.‘Search’ and skip through till you see the players that are just put on the market in 59th minute.
4.Try to find players that go for a lot more than they are put on the market for. For example: if you find a Wayne Rooney for 10/20 thousand coins, you know that he’s worth a lot more, so buy him immediately and sell them for the price he really goes for.
5.Make a lot of coins!


When to use the 59th Minute Trading Method during market crash?
Use the 59th trading method when the TOTY players are in packs – a lot of players will be put on the market on the 59th minute and therefore, I think you can find some bargains.


Here comes the market crash, hope this tips do help to you! Good luck!

FIFA 15 Guide:Detail Analysis of Happy Hours

There are many factors that contribute for price variation, such as hours of the dayTOTW and launch of the new FIFA series. But Happy Hours during FUTmas are the most effevtive one. Hundreds of thousands of players will buy and sell packs. The natural relation between supply and demand will change. Thus, the banlance of market is disrupted. both cards and coins circulation increases on the transfer market.

What we see most appearently and effectively is the immediate fall and rise of the price. FIFA 15 coins price will keep low for a while when the Happy Hour is moving on. But back to normal and what it was before ends of the hour with the market instantly absorbing the addictional cards. It can be said that pirces are affected and changeable throughout the entire Happy Hours. Comparing to the price that is supposed to be if there will be no Happy Hours, the price that effectively jumps after one usually ups 3% to 5% value of the card.


EA launches more and more Happy Hours every year. While Happy Hour packs including 35k, 50k and 100k are the most popuplar. The bigger the pack is, the sharpper drop of the price is.


Notes:Notice how after the Happy Hours end the price is inferior to what it would be if a Happy Hour never happened while the natural tendency for it would be to stay the same, Happy Hours will not be announced with antecedence for what the market can’t really react with such.


Profit off FIFA TOTY without buying packs

fifa15 images

Prices after TOTY will rise, as they have no other option. Due to this also being the single biggest event that could cause a market crash, this is probably the safest form of investment anyone could ever choose to partake in. It’s more of a question of who will earn you the most profits, rather than who will earn you any profits. For instance I run a paid service whereby I advise players on who to invest in. This is me purely sitting down for a few hours and analysing past trends and market performance. I would say my specific skill set is estimating prices of players and who are good investments. I aim to make my clients more money in profit for a lesser cost than buying coins, as this is an interactive, legal and educational way to play FIFA. Now obviously you don’t have to do it to that degree of accuracy, however by having a “general idea” by following the criteria listed below you are on course to make some good cash.


Picking a player to invest in after TOTY will depend on some key factors including; popularity, league, performance in real life, position and nationality. If these simple 5 criteria are met you can bet you will be making profits. For example, IF Xherdan Shaqiri was a player I invested heavily in at first. I bought 7 of him for 188,000. In a matter of hours, the price jumped to 275,000. Now, here we won’t focus on the profits and how much I invested, this time we’ll concentrate on the motive behind investing in this player.


So, here we’ll match IF Shaqiri against some of the criteria above:
Popularity – Shaqiri is a popular player, playing for arguably one of the best clubs in the world and has a high rating.

League – The Bundesliga is the 3rd most popular league to form a team around behind the BPL and Liga BBVA.

Performance – Shaqiri is a unarguably a great player, his performance has been good, not incredible, scoring 1 goal in the Bundesliga and assisting 2. This does not give him enough credit however, as he has played an essential role at RM for Bayern Munich.

Position – Normal Shaqiri’s position is RM, however his position on his IF card is CAM which is most of the time converted to ST. Thus making him more desirable due to his high pace, dribbling and shooting attributes.

Nationality – Xherdan Shaqiri is Swiss, which unfortunately is not a popular nationality. This really doesn’t matter however as the benefits in this case outweigh the negatives. An example of a popular nationality is Spanish, as a large amount of people create solely Spanish squads.

If you match this criteria up with other players whom you are looking to invest in you will find players whose price will rapidly rebound after the TOTY crash. Shaqiri is just a good example, there are others though who potentially will earn you greater profits this TOTY.


1).The first one is obvious. Don’t buy the packs. Yes, there is a chance you will pull a TOTY Messi or Ronaldo, however the chances of you doing so are so slim that you’d be better off investing all of your FUT coins due to the safe nature.
2).Secondly, in the meantime, buy a very cheap squad which will be “resistant” to the market crash. This is a squad where the players are around or at “discard price” as they physically cannot go down any lower than their discard price.