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The Second Patch Of Content For Its MMORPG In OBT MU Legend


Players truly love the MU Legend, and our whole team has put so much effort into making the world of MU Legend the best it can be. MU Legend, it features fluid and stunning hack ‘n’ slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play. The dungeon-test called Endless Tower will receive an update in the form of an increase in the number of floors. Webzen revealed news and guides for MU Legend, reference to here.

MU Legend

Webzen announces the second patch of additional content for its MMORPG in Open Beta MU Legend that arrived at the servers on January 9th. 2 months after the official launch of the Open Beta, Webzen will launch its awaited Faction War system. The new challenge, a “premiere” in the ARPG game genre, invites avid players to conquer territories in epic PVP games driven by the guilds. Guilds can challenge others for the superiority of the server and demonstrate who will govern in them.

The update of the wars function between guilds constitutes the last important advance in the development of the definitive version of the open beta of MU Legend. From then on, all content that will be added to the game will be part of its official release. For this game’s overview, the overview covers everything from mechanics and visuals to the different modes of play on offer, and outlines features that are sure to please new players and fans alike.

Dark Lord, Blader, War Mage and Whisperer – will have to dig deeper into the PvP & PvE system. A vast skill system is available to every class, which is in turn deeply influenced by the Crest and Artifact systems. Welcome to U4GM, always safe, always get cheap MU Legend Zen within 10 minutes usually. Our website is completely being worth trusting.

You Can Now Explore Much More From The MU Legend World


Even if MU Legend on low-end devices, and the game can show amazing visuals, apparently, one significant benefit that MU Legend presents is that the technique runs around the Unreal Engine three. On top of that, you can now explore much more from the MU Legend world with far more important self-confidence and get even more out from the practical experience. If you don’t want to be scammed by many fake websites, why not to go to here:

MU Legend

MU Legend’s Open Beta Is Going Strong Right Now For Webzen, In The Recent Interview, Talking About New PvP Content, Crafting, Progression And New Class, According to MMOROG And Dennis.

MMOROG: What has been the biggest technical hurdle so far in the Open Beta?

Dennis: The biggest technical hurdle were connection issues with our North American IDC. Unfortunately, these connection issues are not directly caused by us or our IDC, but rather by ISPs. We are in contact with these companies in order to help them to fix those issues.

MMOROG: What sort of new content and features are being added in the weeks ahead leading into the official launch?

Dennis: On 5th of December we will release our 3vs3 PVP content. In early January we are planning to release a bigger patch which will introduce some great competitive guild features and much more. Overall we are very excited about the content roadmap we have for 2018.

MMOROG: How has the reception been towards MU Legend since launch? What is the positive and negative feedback you’re seeing?

Dennis: We consider the overall feedback quite positive. Many players acknowledge that it is the OBT of the game and that we are continuously working on improvements of the game. The positive feedback is actually quite simple: most players like our game what makes us happy. The negative feedback is mixed. We are still in process of analyzing all feedback and come to conclusions.

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MU Legend: Both The Korean Version And International Version Are Coming

On 10th this month, MU Legend, the Korean version will be updated so it is likely that the international version will be updated soon. The next phase in MU Legend will be an Open Beta, the Global Open Beta Test will be launched in September this year.

MU Legend

It can be said that this open beta of MU Legend will not have a new character Emphasizer but only four familiar names are Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer only. The importance of MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling Can not be ignored, now it’s time to buy zen.

Currently, the trailer of MU Legend is also released, let’s enjoy the video together:

As we all know already, MU Legend is a successful game success of MU Online, the story of the game is set before the events in MU Online, players are forced to travel time to the past. To prevent the destruction of the world.

It is known that Emphasizer has the ability to manipulate weapons and control the mind of the enemy, specifically, you control a group to work ‘mercenary’ for a period of time rather than having to manually fight.

However, the character class Emphasier has not been able to create characters in both the English and Korean versions. MU Legend new version will have interesting updates on gameplay. Includes 3 vs 3 highscore PvP or NPCs that exchange items. More update and details on MU Legend character class Emphasizer, to get more information at here.

MU Legend OBT: Outstanding And New Content Emerging One After Another

2017 is a perfect time to get into the world of MU Legend gaming since the game are becoming more and more popular and there are numbers of outstanding and new content emerging one after another. In 2017, Webzen have been updating a series of new contents about the game, making gamers excitedly try out to play the MU Legend.

MU Legend

Webzen announced that the Global Open Beta is planned for launch in September this year. According to Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen, commented: “As a team of gamers ourselves, and taking into account the feedback from our Korean version of MU Legend, we have decided to tickle the very end of the summer for a global release, which will contain many more features than previously thought.” Further information and guides, tips, click here to know more.

Now, the MU Legend team is now putting in a lot of hard work to provide the best game delivery possible. At the same time, the developer of MU Legend are very proud of the commitment they have shown, involving several departments and hundreds of passionate people utilizing their technical and gaming skills. They will keep everyone updated regularly as we continue to deploy improvements.

Some gamers put forth their views, one of commented: “Glad to hear you’re finally getting an OBT. Played both CBTs and sent in all the bug reports and feedback I could, so I hope some of the improvements talked about fix some things, especially endless tower lag. Looking forward to more information about the content as we get closer to release.” Hence, gamers insist on buying MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling from U4GM.

Gaining Experience And Unlocking Abilities In Mu Legend


In the distant 2008 Webzen announced the restart and the beginning of the development of a sequel called Mu 2, simultaneously decided to take advantage of the engine Unreal Engine 3, and then Mu Legend was born. Regarding more information, tips, guides reviews, news and tricks, you can now read more at U4GM.

Mu Legend

The developers were inspired by the controversial theories of James Churchward. He claimed that more than 50,000 years ago there was a technologically advanced civilization and culture called Naascal inhabiting the continent of Mu. It was destroyed by a cataclysm, which resulted in the entire continent being absorbed by the Pacific Ocean.

Choose to be a Blader, Dark Lord, War Mage, or a Whisperer. Level up as you fight mobs, gaining experience and unlocking stronger abilities. Pick up loot to craft gear, and join arms with friends to take on the endless waves in the dark dungeons. Mu Legend features a guild system, a quest system, skill trees, and different game modes/dungeon objectives.

Mu Legend continues to evolve the gamer’s gameplay experience by offering deep and sophisticated character and skill customizations. Gamers utilizing these customizations can embark on their own journeys, whether they want to be a lone-wolf boss killer or a party’s greatest supporter. But, as a necessary currencies, Mu Legend Zen is indispensable in the course of the game.

The Developer Of Mu Legend Hope To Use This Beta To Solve Bugs

15 years ago, Mu Online, one of the few MMORPGs which has the best graphics, however, a sequel game have been appeared, was called as Mu Legend. As all know, developers are not emphasizing much on creating high-end graphics for the game. This is to ensure that lower specifications graphics card will be able to run the game.

Mu Legend

Today, we can also summary some common Mu Legend features, to name a few, lightweight, add infinite game currency, gain humongous advantage, generate unlimited experience and made in cross-platform coding language, undetectable proxy. Concerning more Mu Legend features details, recommend reference to here.

As developers elaborated, not all in-game contents would be released. Furthermore, they hope to use this beta to solve bugs, improve game’s stability to ensure better gaming experience during open beta in future. They added: as of now, they will ensure the release of Mu Legend to China and the West as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of the game.

Mu Legend classes are often discussed, one of class is Whisperer, Whisperer is somehow similar to the archer class in Mu Online, having the highest range and fulfilling as a DPS role. War Mage is a combination of mage and assassin class. More classes details and cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale at U4GM, welcome to go U4GM.

Mu Legend Has Extensive Content And Shocking Battles

It’s delighting to know that Mu Legend has continued to warm up the atmosphere of the player’s expectations. As we all know, Mu Legend, formerly known as Mu 2, is a sequel to the success of the original MMORPG and was developed by Webzen himself. Mu Legend now introduces four classes, Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage. In addition, the fifth class that has been revealed will be the Summoner.


With the official launch in Korea, MU Legend offers a game with spectacular images that run perfectly on low-end systems, so if you have a PC something old-fashioned, you will not have problems to start your journey, and has a detailed artistic design with surprising effects. We will keep you informed for any the latest news & guides on official website U4GM.

Mu Legend is a game designed to be multilingual. Meanwhile, Mu Legend is one of the most anticipated action MMOs and the continuation of Mu Online. It has fluid and shocking battles, with an extensive content that pleases both players in solitaire or team. It also has a deep and intriguing world that satisfies both new players and veterans alike.

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Mu Legend New PvE Map And The Details Of Four Classes

Many Gamers seemingly are addicted to Mu Legend, due to its stunning visuals effect, arguably, fantastic characters, incredible graphics, a great story, a sought-after gameplay has been appeared. Mu Legend Zen is main currency in-game, are you ready for buy it?


Mu Legend will offer four classes, respectively, War Mage, Blader, Darklord, Whisperer, its content promises to cater to both solo and party play, in both PvP and PvE challenges. It not hard to imagine that it have beautiful visuals with detailed effect that should also run on lower-end systems. More detailed content about Mu Legend, click here or go to:

New PvE map include the Infinite Tower, Blood Castle, and a maze dungeon, while the new PvP content include 10v10 mode similar to “point capture”. A Guild airship is like a dungeon itself with a lot of traps and monsters. By successfully invading the opponent’s guild airship, a guild can take home a lot of loot to develop their own guild.

However, cheap Mu Legend Zen can help you to get more items and equipment in-game, you have capable of acquiring more useful items, and then get more chance to become a winner, you need Mu Legend Zen to trade with others players. In conclusion, Mu Legend Zen, Mu Legend Power Leveling are indispensable.