June 21, 2017

The Developer Of Mu Legend Hope To Use This Beta To Solve Bugs


15 years ago, Mu Online, one of the few MMORPGs which has the best graphics, however, a sequel game have been appeared, was called as Mu Legend. As all know, developers are not emphasizing much on creating high-end graphics for the game. This is to ensure that lower specifications graphics card will be able to run the game.

Mu Legend

Today, we can also summary some common Mu Legend features, to name a few, lightweight, add infinite game currency, gain humongous advantage, generate unlimited experience and made in cross-platform coding language, undetectable proxy. Concerning more Mu Legend features details, recommend reference to here.

As developers elaborated, not all in-game contents would be released. Furthermore, they hope to use this beta to solve bugs, improve game’s stability to ensure better gaming experience during open beta in future. They added: as of now, they will ensure the release of Mu Legend to China and the West as soon as possible without compromising on the quality of the game.

Mu Legend classes are often discussed, one of class is Whisperer, Whisperer is somehow similar to the archer class in Mu Online, having the highest range and fulfilling as a DPS role. War Mage is a combination of mage and assassin class. More classes details and cheap Mu Legend Zen for sale at U4GM, welcome to go U4GM.

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