LongShot In Madden 18 Should Learn From These Games

If you are a Madden 18 fan, you will certainly find the most recent discussion is the most recent trailer launched in Madden NFL 18 mode. At the beginning of the release, most of the views of people are sure, they are very fond of the new play mode, is expected to play as soon as possible to Madden NFL 18.




But slowly, the player’s attitude has changed, some people think that the new play mode is good, but appear in this game is not a good start, because compared to other games in the same game mode, they are more interesting.

FIFA 17‘s The Journey story mode was praised by fans of the game. Developers at EA are claiming that Longshot is similar the The Journey, just more cinematic. That being said, anyone who’s played The Journey knows exactly what to expect. FIFA did it first, so why isn’t Madden innovating?

MLB 17‘s Road to the Show game mode also did it much better than what EA has presented to us. It really focuses in on developing your character and controlling the progression of your career. It does come with cinematics and narration, but doesn’t play like a movie. You might create a shortstop, and by the end of this campaign mode you’ll be playing an entirely different position. It’s almost like a sports RPG. I wish Madden had gone in this direction.

So maybe it is the first time EA Sports try the new play mode, there will inevitably be some flaws. But Longshot is better comparing to the previous Madden series, it is more interesting.

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