June 23, 2017

Matt Firor’s Interview Of The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind


This article is about an The Elder Scrolls Online interview for Matt Firor. Here are some informations:

Here again good news: we can carry out a re-specialization (respecs), skills by competences. No need to spend thousands of Septims to change only one skill. However, no date announced. Besides in passing, I hope that they will also correct the bug that resets skills to zero / lower level when performing a respecs. I am thinking in particular of Injection of Poison and Cape of Shadow.


We still can not store objects in our houses, they would like to do it but it is not planned. Maybe too complicated to implement for millions of accounts.

They work on various Battleground corrections, such as joining a BG in a group and the fact that if a player leaves a battlefield at the beginning, no one receives rewards at the end. June 19th, the first corrections were deployed on the servers lives but unfortunately, this does not correct everything.

The DLC, Clockwork City, will include a “mini-test” a kind of test but with less boss. Nevertheless, the difficulty will remain similar to the other tests.

The next DLC that arrives is Horns of Reach which adds 2 new dungeons to normal and veteran. There will also be new homes and some improvements to the basic game. And then, added to that, new sets of monsters and new daily tasks. Matt Firor makes it clear that the Horns of Reach is above all aimed at players who love dungeons.

Then Clockwork City will arrive.

The game will likely be available on Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One X. TESO will walk in 4K with 30 FPS and will have a visual enhancement like better shadow resolution, increased display distance, better reflections, etc. This is already possible on the PS4 Pro but not in 4K.

They will also add the HDR feature. For the new consoles, everything is already optimized for. On the other hand, this is another story about PCs. In any case, it will be necessary to have a TV / Monitor compatible HDR to take advantage and for now, it is very marginal. Like HDTVs in their times.

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