June 8, 2017

Mu Legend Has Extensive Content And Shocking Battles


It’s delighting to know that Mu Legend has continued to warm up the atmosphere of the player’s expectations. As we all know, Mu Legend, formerly known as Mu 2, is a sequel to the success of the original MMORPG and was developed by Webzen himself. Mu Legend now introduces four classes, Dark Lord, Whisperer, Blader and War Mage. In addition, the fifth class that has been revealed will be the Summoner.


With the official launch in Korea, MU Legend offers a game with spectacular images that run perfectly on low-end systems, so if you have a PC something old-fashioned, you will not have problems to start your journey, and has a detailed artistic design with surprising effects. We will keep you informed for any the latest news & guides on official website U4GM.

Mu Legend is a game designed to be multilingual. Meanwhile, Mu Legend is one of the most anticipated action MMOs and the continuation of Mu Online. It has fluid and shocking battles, with an extensive content that pleases both players in solitaire or team. It also has a deep and intriguing world that satisfies both new players and veterans alike.

Now, U4GM will update timely the latest news about Mu Legend, hence, you need to keep an eye on U4GM. If you desire to buy Mu Legend Zen, recommend you take U4GM into consideration, good reputation, reasonable price, fast delivery, safe transaction and professional services.

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