July 25, 2017

MU Legend OBT: Outstanding And New Content Emerging One After Another


2017 is a perfect time to get into the world of MU Legend gaming since the game are becoming more and more popular and there are numbers of outstanding and new content emerging one after another. In 2017, Webzen have been updating a series of new contents about the game, making gamers excitedly try out to play the MU Legend.

MU Legend

Webzen announced that the Global Open Beta is planned for launch in September this year. According to Dennis Czybulka, COO at Webzen, commented: “As a team of gamers ourselves, and taking into account the feedback from our Korean version of MU Legend, we have decided to tickle the very end of the summer for a global release, which will contain many more features than previously thought.” Further information and guides, tips, click here to know more.

Now, the MU Legend team is now putting in a lot of hard work to provide the best game delivery possible. At the same time, the developer of MU Legend are very proud of the commitment they have shown, involving several departments and hundreds of passionate people utilizing their technical and gaming skills. They will keep everyone updated regularly as we continue to deploy improvements.

Some gamers put forth their views, one of commented: “Glad to hear you’re finally getting an OBT. Played both CBTs and sent in all the bug reports and feedback I could, so I hope some of the improvements talked about fix some things, especially endless tower lag. Looking forward to more information about the content as we get closer to release.” Hence, gamers insist on buying MU Legend Zen and MU Legend Power Leveling from U4GM.

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