January 22, 2015

Brazil Get $100 million as World Cup Legacy Fund from FIFA


Brazil Get $100 million as World Cup Legacy Fund from FIFA

As a governing body in football’s world, FIFA, a not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland, generated more than $4 billion in sales from the 2014 tournament. And it pronounced on Tuesday that it had set up a $100 million World Cup Legacy Fund for Brazil, aimed at sports facilities, youth and women’s football, and medical and health projects.

FIFA presented the sustainability report of the 2014 FIFA World Cup based on international standards and the details of the $100 million Football Legacy Project Tuesday, reports Xinhua.


FIFA established the 2014 FIFA World Cup Legacy Fund to sustain the long-term impact of the World Cup in the country.


Several key principles will guide us: the project will be implemented in close collaboration with the CBF, we will share and communicate the results in a transparent manner and the use of the funds will be controlled and audited in accordance with the relevant FIFA development regulations,” said Valcke.


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