January 27, 2015

The story of Gary Busey


Gary Busey is a small sect of people in the game world, where is deep in the dark. We know many people who always appears on TV and magazines. but there are some person hide in dark and not many of us know them, such as Gary Busey.

Posted on imgur by user geraldauss, the Under Siege star looks a little worse for wear. The eyes look a little too angry and the teeth are not as prominent as on the actor’s actual grill. When you look at the shot below and then the shot above though, it all makes a little too much sense. Created in the Be A Pro segment of FIFA 15, there’s something hauntingly terrifying about this strange genetic amalgamation.gary busey fifa

story, Gary Busey, FIFA 15

The world is no stranger to celebrities of film and television making their way into gaming media. Last year’s Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare featured Kevin Spacey in a prominent and well acted role, backed up in upcoming DLC by John Malkovich himself. This appearance isn’t a licensed one to generate some extra cash though. It’s simply the creation of one person who loved Gary Busey so much, they wanted to have him running around on a grassy field with a bunch of highly-paid soccer stars in FIFA 15.

Good idea or bad idea? We don’t honestly know.FIFA

story, Gary Busey, FIFA 15

What are you favorite fan recreations of popular celebrities? What about the star turn in a game which gives you a little faith back in the whole idea of cross-media appearances. Let us know in the comments down below.

Do you know who is Gary Busey? Do you like him now?

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