October 18, 2010

Mining guide for Runescape member

A very simple, and quick way to get from 1-99 Mining.

So, you want to get to 99 mining? Mining is one of the slowest and most tiring skills in Runescape. With clicking every rock, right clicking every ore, then dropping every ore, it may just be the most boring as well. Repeating the same task for hours on end, not able to do anything else for days or even weeks.

But Mining pays off in the end. Starting at level 85 Mining, you can mine the coveted Rune Ore (Sells for around 13k). At level 99 you have a much better chance of getting the ore than if you are 85.

Levels 1-4

Do the Tutorial and select mining instead of woodcutting (I know how hard it is not to, but just trust me)

Levels 5-15

Go to the Axe store south of the Lumbridge castle and get a free Pick-Axe. Then continue south to the copper and tin mine. Mine the 3 rocks of tin that you can get without moving from rock to rock, then drop the ore (For future reference, this is called power-mining)

Levels 15-35

Power-mine the iron rocks in the mine north of Al-Khirad. It may be worth it to stick to tin until Level 20, as Iron mines relatively slow at low levels. It would also be a good idea to upgrade your pickaxe whenever you get the chance. Iron ore is the fastest Xp (at level 40+) in Free to Play Runescape.

Levels 35-45

Mine the Sandstone in the Granite Quarry south of Al-Khirad. This is mostly just to get you used to the desert climate and the actions that you need to take in it. If you feel confident enough, you can just keep mining the iron ore until 45.

Levels 45-99

Good Luck from here on out. You just have a little under 13 million experience to earn by mining the Granite in the Granite Quarry. This is the fastest mining experience anywhere in the entire game, but it does require dessert robes and lots of water skins to keep you hydrated. I would recommend having 1 knife, and then your entire inventory filled up with full water skins except for 3 spaces (for 3 granite before you drop them). If you don’t you will die (eventually) from the heat.

Good Luck!

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