October 18, 2010

Prayer guide for Runescape Members

Are you tired of just burying bones in the ground? Then this guide is for you!

I wasted almost a million coins on big bones, just burying them at the grand exchange and then buying more for hours on end, attempting to reach the holy grail of prayer: Level 43.

Level 43 is the first Prayer level where the prayer, “Protect for Melee” can be used to protect yourself from the harm of all but the most powerful melee attacks.

This is the way that I got not just to 43 prayer, but all the way to level 50, and then with more bones and still having the desire to boost up that level even more.

The Common Method:

Buy lots of Big Bones. Bury lots of Big Bones. Buy more big bones. Bury more big bones. You get the idea. This wastes money and xp. Bad. No, no. Don’t do this.

My Method:

Go retrieve your ghost speak amulet from the dude in the Lumbridge Swamp. Then head up to the grand exchange and buy 9 buckets, 9 pots, and as many dragon bones as you want. Then with an inventory of 9 bones, 9 pots, and 9 buckets, trudge out east past the town until you get to the Ectofuntus north of the Port Town. Go down to the basement, and fill all the buckets with the green goo thing. The walk up back up to the ground floor. Walk up the stairs and crush the bones into the pot with the bone crusher (You just have to click on it). Then walk back downstairs and pray to the Ectofuntus. This may seem like a lot of work, but how much xp were you getting per bone on Hill Giants? Around 15 xp per bone. With this method using Dragon bones, you get around 288 xp per bone. The to bank, just talk to the ghost people inside the building to receive Ecto-Tokens. Use these to enter the town, grab more bones, then repeat the process until all of your bones are gone.

I know that was a really big, ugly paragraph, but it is worth unscrambling. This is the best Prayer xp in the game (Unless you have a really high construction level), and only requires two quests to be completed (Priest In Peril and the One in Lumbridge that gives you the ghost amulet.)

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