October 18, 2010

Sell your junk in Runescape

Worthless junk can build up! They might be hard to sell, but if you know how you might make a bundle of easy cash!

  • First of all, the best technique to get rid of junk, is to go to world 2 in member worlds, or world 1 in free worlds. Then go to the grand exchange area, where people are shouting out what they’re buying/selling. You need some money for this. Step one is to see how much your junk if worth. Now using junk and money, try getting items that are worth more. Here’s my recent example: I had 110k worth of junk (lets say long kebbitbolts). I added 40k cash and traded someone for a obsidian mace, worth 150k. Then i found a guy selling dragon halberd for 200k. I added 50k to the mace and traded for the halberd. The halberd was worth 195k if you high-alchemy it. After doing the math, I received 100k for my junk worth 110k. So, that was a pretty good deal. The trick here is to try and get an item with more high alchemy value. If your junk is numbered, you should try to trade them for one item first.
  • The next technique is to have junk sales. High-level players will buy them at min price in order for them to make profits. This will earn you back around 80-90% of your junk’s worth.
  • The next technique is to lend items. For example, if you have bandos god sword you can lend it for 10 hours at a price of easily 100k. Your trade limit is probably less, so you can use the junk to even out the trade. This will get you back 100% of your junk’s worth.
  • Next is to search the Runescape forums. For example, if you have 1000 unstrung bows, you can look in the Fletching forum. There are always people looking to buy unstrung bows in bulk.
  • And now, at desperate measures, you can sell them at your local general store They usually pay low prices, but you can earn around 50% of the junk’s worth. An alternative is to high-alchemy your junk for a slightly higher price and to gain magic experience.

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