October 16, 2013

RuneScape of Bar mitzvah on October

If you want to support RuneScape in this year’s Golden Joysticks, you just need to visit the voting page on the Golden Joystick website and register your votes.There has never been a more exciting time for RuneScape and we hope that you’ve enjoyed all the fantastic updates so far in 2013.


The Golden Joystick Awards is coming. We are proud to announce that we have once again been nominated for an award! Two awards for UK Developer of the Year has been won by Jagex before now RuneScape has been nominated in the Best Online Game category.the biggest update the game has ever seen, with your feedback at the forefront throughout its development in the past year.

The future of Gielinor has been put in your hands, with player-led events such as the Battle of Lumbridge and community-voted quests such as Birthright of the Dwarves, and it’s your votes that will decide the winner of this coveted Golden Joystick Award. why we’ve been so honoured to receive them in the past. The reason is that the Golden Joystick Awards are the only games industry awards voted for entirely by players.

Thanks for your reading,please follow it and Runerich will do our best to provide runescape gold service to all rs players!

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