March 10, 2014

Runescape account can be converted to the real cash and you can use the cash to buy anything you want


One day you may feel you are no longer a child, so you don’t want to play runescape this game anymore, and decided to pull out runescape,please do not just leave your rs account and rs gold there,because the account and the stuff in the account can be converted to the real cash and you can use the cash to buy anything you want. This is much better than just throwing it away.

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There are many rs players who want to buy Runescape Gold, so you can sell your rs gold to them and they will pay you through paypal. Want to get a good place for you to sell your rs gold? You can go to the most famous rs forum in the world: In the forum, you can register an account and post a thread in the gold exchange area. Make sure to make a reasonable price so that those who want to buy will contact you.

You’d better have a skype before you sell, because people there usually use skype to talk with each other. When someone contact you, you need to ask him to pm your skype ID through sythe, because some buyers are scammers, they chargeback after they get the gold from you. So if that happenes, you can report him on sythe and then he will get banned.

So it has risk when you sell to the people on the forum, if you want to be 100% safe, you can sell to us on, we have been doing runescape business for more than 9 years, so you can 100% trust us. If you are ready to sell to us, just contact our 24/7 livechat service, and our operator will talk to you. After you have reached a confirmed price, we will meet you in the game and you need to deliver the gold to us, and once we receive the rs gold from you, we will send the payment to you instantly through paypal. So do not be hesitate, we work 24/7 and you can always reached us.

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