October 28, 2013

RS3 Varrock Sewer

You will see many giant rats in the sewer. If you have ample food storage, just ignore these rats. Of course, you can also attack them to level up your Attack, Defense and Constitution. Actually, you will meet monsters of different levels when passing the rooms in the sewer, the stronger monsters you attack, the faster you skills will be leveled up.

As shown in the following image, you will meet a zombie which is different from other monsters. Zombie will attack you actively, rather than waiting to be attacked by players. If you think you are powerful enough or you have enough food, jsut attack them. Note, once you are alive or you are not going to quit, zombies will spawn endlessly. Of course, it is also a perfect opportunity for you to level up your skills.


After that, climb the stairs to get to another place and kill Grizzly bear. Don’t forget the tree in here, it is not a decoration. You can chop it and use the wood you get to cook the raw bear meat. If you attacked giant rats before, you can also cook the raw rat meat here. It is a good way to level up your Constitution in the sewer.

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I would like to remind you that the Grizzly bear will revive soon after it is killed. Therefore, fight in the sewer is endless, that’s why I said it is a good way to level up your skills fast. In fact, you can choose different paths to get to different place in the sewer.

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