October 28, 2013

RS 3 Halloween Event

Various invisible ghosts appeared during last year’s Halloween. Players couldn’t find them at any time, anywhere on the mini map. In the game, we tried to get awards by firing the ghosts we found. In the meanwhile, Hallowed Robe was an important item last year. Actually, players felt tired to search for the ghosts in 2012 Halloween events, and they showed their complaint and dissatisfaction, so personally I believe that there will still be ghosts this time, but they will appear in a different way.


Additionally, I strongly believe that Zaros will return to us. Even though it left honestly in the Fourth Age, recent events promise a strong possibility of its comeback. The major followers of Zaros gathered again to fight the followers of different gods. Zarosians revealed that he had frequent talk with Guthix to persuade him to allow the comeback of Zaros. Although the plan suffered a failure, what Azzanadra said meant that Zaros needs a host body to return to Runescape 3. In the latest event Missing, Presumed Death, Azzanadra claims that Zaros is coming back. If true, that will be amazing!

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Halloween is around the corner, what will Runescape 3 bring to us? Will it be similar to last year’s Halloween? And will there be any new story, new skill or mysterious character in the game? It is conspicuous that all the players are look forward to this fantastic festival. However, there is no detailed information about the festival revealed so far. I still believe that you will have your own way to celebrate the festival in you mind. In here I would like to make some bold guess on 2013 Runescape 3 Halloween event, and I hope you can join us to share your idea.

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