October 17, 2010

How to trim lag for runescape.

Importantly boil down lag for runescape well.

Withdrawing Viruses and Spyware.

Download MalwareBytes Anti Malware.

Instal the exe and update the broadcast before feeding a full read. Wait for the scan to finish and remove all viruses discovered.

Cleanup Registry, Junk files, Cookies and System optimisation.

Download Advanced SystemCare.

Install, update and scan. Simpleton as that, it will do all the work for you.

Defrag Your HDD.

Download Smart Defrag, install, update and run. This may take a very long time but will be very effective for boiling down lag.

Tweaking Graphics and System of rules.

Go to your desktop, right click and select holdings. Sail to the last tab and change the color to medium. Next click on advanced and go to the last tab, drag the slider to the left.

Go to start, right click on my computer and select holdings, Navigate to the advanced tab and click on public presentation settings, check the adjust for best carrying into action circle and click ok.

Keeping up Memory and CPU for RuneScape.

Download the Offical RuneScape Client from Runescape.com downloads and wallpapers section. Install and use this everytime you play. Open up task director by using the keys ctrl + alt + delete, find your java and runescape process, right click it and go to priority and select either above average or high. Now delete procedures that are useless, e.g. ituneshelper, iemonitor. exe, spoolsv. exe and plugin-container. exe. (Note do not offset plugin container if you are acting flash games or watching videos online, it will crash the page).

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