October 24, 2010

Runescape losing populapity LOSING POPULARITY

Is Runescape Losing Popularity?

In recent months, the game designers decided to remove three very popular game, kill player, staking, and unbalanced trade. According to their news section hey withdrew this item in order to stop “the real world traders” selling their virtual currency for real money and enjoy their game, and to preserve the fairness of Thurs Apparently, these three elements are an important part of the game, because the average amount of people playing the game, said on its Web site, has almost halved since these items were removed.

You are looking at page 1 Alexa traffic details for months, Runescape page views have dropped 17% from the Internet and popular fan site Runescape, Zybez decreased by approximately 40%. However, in view of three months, traffic was not affected for Runescape over the Internet.

The game creators, Jagex Software, and were planning the release of several updates to retain and attract new players. They recently announced plans for a full screen, the detailed version of their online game, which would certainly increase interest in the game Jagex said,As if the improvements below were not enough, an optional fullscreen version of RuneScape is due at the same time. This will allow you to play at a resolution of your choice, and it also supports widescreen monitors. We think you’ll agree, the future of RuneScape is looking very good indeed ….

The second search term is related to Runescape “games like runescape.” Maybe the players are looking for alternatives to this popular MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). As players unhappy Runescape browse the net, databases were built to provide the information they desperately seek. Players can come and go as they lose interest or are attracted by new communities of the most promising players.

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