October 17, 2010

New update in Runescape

Runescape just recently had a new update,in the update we saw new weapons and attacks released. One of the weapons being a sling. This is like a sling shot and it doesn’t require ammo.A new attack is the new spell wind rush. Its max hit is 10. This just requires air runes,if I were you I would go down into the dungeon in Lumbridge or across the bridge and fight goblins to get an air staff. This way you have infinite ammo for the spell. The update also changed up the map a little bit allowing easier fighting across the Lumbridge bridge.

The sling does not have a max hit. I have hit 30-40’s with it, its great for beginners and experienced player because of the infinite ammo. It only cost 25 GP in the G.E. or you can fight the goblins and they will drop one. Also the air staff cost 830 in G.E. if you would like to buy one.

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