October 17, 2010

How to safety your runescape account

To Prevent Hacking

Did you know that you have to log in using your Username – and you cannot using your “Display Name”. For those that don’t know the difference; A display name shows up in-game to everyone. Now just think – People may try and hack an account using your Display Name, thinking its your Username. Who are they to know any different? So its like they’re trying to hack a non-existent account! Having a different display name to your username is a great asset.

The password is your first Line of defence. A good password means your less likely to be hacked – initially. But I’m not going to give you a lecture about password safety. Just make sure its unpredictable.

Bank Pin
What happens if you get hacked? Well from me (Who has learnt well from this mistake!), a bank pin is fantastic. Had i had one all the times i were hacked, i would be about 300m Richer than i currently am. If i had one, all my items and the vast majority of my cash are safe in the event. My advice: Get a bank Pin. And before you log-out, Put *ALL* your items and cash into the bank. That way, If your hacked – they also need to go through a potential 10,000 combinations to access your bank and Grand Exchange. (I want a 5 Digit Pin TBH. 100,000 Possibilities FTW)

If your Hacked;

Recovery Questions are also another good way to get your account back. What you may not know is that you don’t have to use the questions JaGeX provides, You can edit the text yourself to give a very personal question that only you may know the answer to. For Example, “Whats your bible passage” ‘Luke159′. Any Total rubbish you like as long as its memorable!

In the event you are hacked your E-mail registered to your account is the best way to recover your password. Not only is it one of the most secure ways for JaGeX to verify the account is yours, you also get 10 free bank spaces for registering it. Well worth it!

General Security Tips
Remember, Passwords and Usernames are useless if you have a keylogger. However, Your bank pin is then your best bet. I’m sure you can look up many guides about “How to remove Keyloggers” but i advice having a scan from a reputable security program on a weekly basis. If you suspect you have a keylogger, Make sure you remove it before logging into Runescape – and even then. Change your Password Straight Away.

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