March 29, 2014

The harder Runescape Vorage,the more runescape gold you will need


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Renatus only attacks with range which always deals a small amount of bleed damage (50-250) to everyone in the arena that cannot be avoided. Vorago does his regular melee attack, red bomb and magic bomb to the farthest player.


Phase One

Phase 1 is similar to when fighting Vorago on his own. Renatus will spawn in the north-west corner of the arena, and Vorago will spawn in the south-east. Adventurers must lure the two beasts so they have their backs to the jumper’s spot. Vorago must be lured north-west where a jumper must jump on him to release a maul piece. Similarly, Renatus must be lured south-east where his back must be facing the jumper and the jumper must deal 30,000 damage on their own while Renatus’s back is facing them. If Renatus moves, the jumper must deal another 30,000 damage in order to cool down Renatus’s back so it is safe enough to jump and release a maul piece.


Phase Two

Phase two is similar to the second phase when fighting Vorago on his own. Both Renatus and Vorago spawn in their corners. Vorago uses his regular 5 smashes, but Renatus does a devistating lava stomp where the targeted player gets hit with 500-1000 bleed damage and everyone around them receives 300 bleed damage. All players affected by the lava stomp are bound for 5 seconds that is unavoidable. Renatus does this to his targeted player 5 times.


The above combat is repeated again (from the stomp/smashes) and the phase ends with Renatus and Vorago again charging in order to break the ground to the next phase. Phase 3 starts and the real test begins!


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