October 30, 2013

RS3 Reintroduction of PK skulls

A Wilderness Slayer Master
This would be a new slayer master, who gave tasks which MUST be completed in the Wilderness, which gave 20% more XP than other tasks, but at the risk of being attacked by other players. He can also give you the task of killing X number of other players within the Wilderness. His tasks are independent on tasks from other masters (meaning if you have an active Wilderness task, you can still do other tasks).


Remove the KBD teleport from Edgeville.
It would help increase the price of the drops from the KBD and therefore hopefully encourage people to run through the Wild to kill him. This would work especially well combined with suggestion number 3 as the bank chest would be very close to the KBD lair.

Release the Revenants and close Forinthry
Letting the Revs roam free again would be a good way to bring back Rev hunting FC’s and would really help the F2P Wilderness. There would need to be a mechanic to stop Revs interrupting fights between players, though.

Multiway combat above level 10 Wilderness
It’s really annoying in the Wilderness when you can’t attack someone because they have/have not activated their multiway combat. It’s also annoying for groups of people who can’t work together as a team to kill another group of people. This would leave the early stages of the Wilderness free for those who want to to battle 1vs1, but would make the rest of the Wilderness free territory. This would very much help PvP Clans and bring back the old style, large scale clan vs clan wars in the Wilderness.

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This will encourage people back into the Wilderness to do things like kill Green Dragons, as they can take their weapons and armour in without risk of losing everything. They will keep their 3 most valuable items as before (unless skulled). Obviously, everything else over the they carry will be at risk.

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