October 30, 2013

Runescape 3 Wilderness resources

Bank Chest and Safe Zone inside the church in the north-west Wilderness
This will make gathering several resources in the wilderness more worth while, as well as encouraging many to go deeper in to restock on supplies, rather than leaving. Obviously, if someone is in combat when they enter the church, they can still be attacked.


Increase Warbands Frequency, Decrease XP per Warband
More frequent Warbands will mean people go into the Wilderness more often. Decreasing the XP per Warband will help balance this. Simple!

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Runescape New, unique Wilderness resources
I’m not going to suggest what resources should be added, as that would take far too much detail about XP balancing, economy balancing and whether there is actually a need for said resource. But in essence, what needs to be done is the introduction of new resources for higher levels of gathering skills. Divination seems like a good skill to start at, as there is relatively little content for that skill and thus balancing would not be as much of an issue. As long as the resource is WORTH getting, in terms of XP and GP gain against risk of entering the Wilderness, then it will help.

All resources in the Wilderness yield 12.5% more XP This will encourage skillers who are brave enough to risk it, into the Wilderness to gain faster XP.

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