October 31, 2013

RS3 Top Trumps Game of Draw Your Attention

Some players may have already been quite familiar with the term “Top Trumps”, while others just have a subtle idea of it. Here we try to offer a detailed illustration of it.


Top Trumps is a card game based on lots of different things like Marvel comics, each deck has 30 cards with each card being based on a monster, thing or character, each card has 6 stats depending on what the deck is based on. For example, in Marvel comics they have intelligence as a stat. Players take turns reading off these stats until the person whose card has highest stat wins all the other players cards or until one person has all 30.

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Runescape team now need players to help them determine who will appear in the Top Trumps card decks. They have already selected 15 character cards, which will definitely feature in the pack, but the remaining 15 spots will be down to your vote. Over 30 monsters are battling it out in a members’ poll each day for the next half month. The winners will make it into the Top Trumps deck, while the losers will be left to simmer in a pool of jealousy.

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