December 11, 2012

Never take items you aren’t protecting

  • If you get attacked by other players and there is no way out, don’t attack back and select the protect item prayer. You will save 1 item, unless your prayer runs out.
  • Remember that Corrupt dragon equipment degrades when worn; don’t misclick.
  • Always wear Jennica’s ring to improve drop rates. (Does not increase the chances of receiving Ancient Warriors’ Equipment, Corrupt dragon equipment, Ancient Artefacts, or Brawling Gloves from revenants.) A Ring of life can save you, should you get piled by pkers, as clans of 20+ using Dark bows, Dragon claws, and other high-level ‘spec weapons’ can come out of nowhere. Assuming you are just within the level 30 area of the dungeon, a Ring of life will prevent death most of the time, but be aware that mages on the standard spellbook can cast Teleport Block to prevent this.
  • Ranged defence based armour like black dragonhide is very good, it is inexpensive, and helps protect against the Revenants’ ranged attack.
  • Members should wear a charged amulet of glory, combat bracelet, or ring of wealth to teleport out of the cave as this jewelry allows you to teleport from up to level 30 wilderness when charged. However, this requires you to know the mages are here to kill you, and you must click your equipment slot, and by then, one of their mages in the group will have probably teleblocked you. The better but more expensive method is using the Grand Seed Pods, as damage the Player Killers do on you is negated, making them waste profit as well. However, a Grand seed pod is currently worth 10-12k, so it might not be a good idea to use it as it only contains one charge.
  • A Salve Amulet (e) can be used to gain a 20% Attack and Strength bonus on revenants if the player is willing to risk not having an amulet of glory equipped, however, a combat bracelet or ring of wealth can be worn and used to teleport up to level 30 wilderness as well.
  • Hanging at the bottom entrance can give you a lack of Revenants, as most seem to be in the upper level. Don’t be fooled, because being frozen for 20 seconds will probably get you killed in that time, and in the pking clans, there’s always someone that will be using Teleblock on you.
  • There will be occasional high level players who will fend off the teamers and possibly kill some of them before dying.
  • If there are a LOT of high level players who are killing Revenants, there can be enough to scare off a group of high levelled teamers due to the Revenant Killers range of weapons (godswords, dragon claws, barrow weapons, chaotic weapons, etc.)
  • Remember that all Revenants have the same drop table, so don’t go for the higher level ones unless you can take them on. Higher level revenants will drop the rare item more often than their lower level counterparts.
  • Never take items you aren’t protecting or are willing to lose, and be aware that should you get a high valued item as a drop, it may protect over some of your valuables. The cost of the item, depending on what it is though, might let you get that valuable again.

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