December 8, 2012

To submit your video for consideration

Think of your audience as somebody who has yet to spend much time in the Evolution of Combat beta and wants to know more about how to best utilise the new abilities and action bar when the update goes live.

Your video can be about almost anything, assuming it’s related to the Evolution of Combat update, but here are a few of our suggestions:

  • Boss killing (e.g. God Wars Dungeon, Corporeal Beast, TzTok-Jad)
  • Skilling – specifically the ways the action bar can speed up skilling (e.g. power mining)
  • Creating the perfect specialisation set-up (e.g. warrior, mage, ranger)
  • PKing and the Duel Arena – PvP Combat
  • Dungeoneering

You can find out more about making the perfect Evolution of Combat video guide over on our forum thread here.

Every video we feature on our official channels will receive the following prizes:

  • Promotion of the video on the official RuneScape website, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages
  • Green Skin customisation
  • Ornate Katana in-game item
  • 25 Squeal of Fortune spins
  • 10% XP boost for 72 hours (real-time)
  • Three months of RuneScape membership

To submit your video for consideration, send it to us via email at

We’ll be accepting submissions right up until the 30th November and will be featuring selected videos as we receive them.

So, jump into the Evolution of Combat servers and start filming – we can’t wait to see all of your entries!

In line with feedback received on the Evolution of Combat, we’ve also overhauled the item binding system. Everyone – regardless of Dungeoneering level – can now bind ten items. You won’t get to carry all ten at a time, of course; they’ll go into a remotely-held pool of bound items, from which you’ll be able to select loadouts by speaking to the Smuggler. You can return to the Smuggler at any time to switch your bound items, and he’ll remember up to three presets for ease of use. The number of your bound items that can be included in a loadout varies according to your Dungeoneering level:

  • 1 Dungeoneering: 1 item
  • 20 Dungeoneering: 2 items
  • 50 Dungeoneering: 3 items
  • 90 Dungoneering: 4 items
  • 120 Dungeoneering: 5 items

With this new system, you never need be without the right weapon for the job – doubly important when the Evolution of Combat lands in a week’s time. Switching between specialised melee, range and mage setups is as simple as a trip back the smuggler and will no longer take such a heavy toll on your inventory. Couple that with a slick new interface to manage the new system, and no foe need stand in your way.

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