December 11, 2012

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The crisis in TzHaar City is about to reach breaking point. Ga’al – TzHaar born without the inherited memories of their forebears – were once merely an anomaly, but now they’re the only TzHaar being born from the eggs at the birthing pools. If this continues, the TzHaar race – as we know it – will cease to exist and TzHaar society will collapse. The TzHaar-Mej have a radical solution, but they’ll need you to return to the Elder Kiln – home of the shadowy TokHaar – to enact it.

Fight your way through some of the most complex combat challenges we’ve ever unleashed, making full use of the new system released with the Evolution of Combat, and dig deep into TzHaar lore to solve puzzles on the way. You’ll also find yourself in the middle of a clash of ideals between the TzHaar and the TokHaar, and the solutions on the table involve pain, death or both. It’s up to you – and a rogue Ga’al bearing a particularly painful grudge – to retain the fragile peace between these two ancient races.

This Grandmaster quest contains some of RuneScape’s toughest combat, and the rewards are appropriately prestigious. Along with 100,000 Mining XP, 275,000 XP in the core combat skill of your choice and a TzHaar title, you’ll earn the ability to smith and wear obsidian armour, and will gain access to an all-new solo combat area: the Fight Cauldron.

We’re kicking things off with a weekend of double drops from bosses, the Barrows, and more. A whole range of bosses and other beasties are waiting to be taken down – emerge victorious and fill your inventory with double the rewards! What’s more, the Barrows chest will also yield double the bounty. That means you could end up with two pieces of much-coveted Barrows armour!

For full details of which enemies will give you double drops this weekend, see our FAQ.

This weekend of double drop mayhem runs from Saturday 1st December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 2nd December 23:59 GMT. Don’t forget that every Winter Weekend hosts a new bonus – next week there’ll there’ll be double rewards from minigames!

If you’re after more festive fun, anyone who becomes a member in December will get the awesome Festive Aura and receive a +50% XP boost for 30 minutes a day! To grab your aura, click here and become a member today.

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