December 8, 2012

volution of Combat Video Guide Competition

The new combat system’s more involved, tactical and exciting than ever before, but some of you found that long combat endeavours such as Slayer tasks had – as a result – become feats of endurance. As such, we upped auto-attack damage and introduced a new ultimate named Momentum – which further increases auto-attack damage for 20 minutes per activation – which means a lower intensity approach to combat will remain available.

The relationship between gear and your combat capabilities is one of the most profoundly altered areas of the combat system, and your feedback and gameplay data have been invaluable in balancing these aspects. A great example of this was rebalancing shields, which many of you said were overpowered.

Another big change is the introduction of adrenaline and abilities, and your input helped us not only to ensure that they worked in a fair and balanced way, but also to make the ability book interface as user-friendly and intuitive as possible.

Dungeoneering was a big point of feedback too, as increased emphasis on the combat triangle and introduction of elemental strengths and weaknesses meant that solo players among you were having a much harder time than you should. With this in mind, we relaxed the vulnerability relationships as they’re applied in Daemonheim, and brought in a new range of omnielemental staves for use by dungeon-delving wizards. There are some big changes to the binding system coming soon, too!

In celebration of the unveiling of Ariane’s first two quests, I have stocked my store with the most fitting of tributes: Hero Packs, inspired by Ozan and Ariane!

Those questing head-first into the unknown mysteries of the Wizards’ Tower can do so in style with these exquisite packs. Each contains a full outfit – indeed, inspired by Ariane or Ozan – alongside a unique emote, teleport animation and weapon override. The discerning adventurer choosing Ariane’s pack will wield her mighty staff; archers among you have your tastes catered for with Ozan’s bow.

Community Creations

RuneScape creative regular Teezkut has created a fearsome black dragon from polymer clay. Combining clay, metal wires and foil, this awe-inspiring beast wields an elusive elite clue scroll! Great work, Teezkut!

If you want to see your RuneScape creations featured in the weekly Community Round-Up, send it over to us at!

That’s all for this week’s edition of the Community Round-Up. Don’t forget to get involved with all of these awesome competitions and events and – most importantly – have a great week in a brand-new RuneScape!

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