Rapid Increase Your Runescape Smithing

How to Rapid Increase Your Runescape Smithing,How to Rapid Increase Your Runescape Smithing.

many players not understood the secret

Not many players understood the secret of how to increase your level of Metallurgy Runescape without spending all the money in their bank. Of all the skills available on the free servers, the forge has fewer players at 99. Why?

First, because forging rapidly expensive. If you do not want to take time to melt your own bar, then it will cost much to buy. And very few items will sell for as much as the cost of the bars, so you will not have all your money. Second, it is not exactly exciting … but the same can be said of any skills that require standing around and do the same thing again and again.

I can not address the boring part (although I will say that I write or surf the forge if the task I’m taking some time), but I can not keep it from costing you money . In fact, I can probably help you make money with it (although most people, myself included, will want to spend their profits on several XP).

There are two things you can do at lower levels to be very effective in raising your level of blacksmithing, even on servers Free:

1. to smelt iron ore into bars. It only takes a level 15, which is easy to achieve. Even on free servers where you get only 50% of your bar of your ore, it is always profitable. Iron ore sells for about 99 gp on the Grand Exchange, and iron bars sell for about 229, which will make you some money at this. On member servers, you can use a ring of forging to obtain 100% success for the 140 bars, and get some more XP and profit.

2. to smelt iron ore and coal into steel bars. It takes 30 level, which can be achieved by the above process fairly quickly, or simply by the Knight Sword Quest (take you from level 1 to almost 30). If you can make 9 bars per trip, you’ll have a success rate of 100%, and profit on this is much higher: about 40% return on your money. This can add up very quickly, and the extra profits can be used to fund even more of a forge.

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