December 10, 2012

In the conclusion to this exciting storyline

In the conclusion to this exciting storyline, you must find out why the TzHaar city is cooling down, or else it’s certain disaster for these noble creatures. What part will the Ga’al play in their future, if there is to be one? It’s a Grandmaster-level quest with some of the most challenging combat ever to grace the realm, and epic rewards to boot!

Avast me hearties! Fancy trying yer hand at runnin’ your own port? Or are ye a lily-livered land lubber? Arr! That it be!

In this huge, high level content(one of the biggest projects this year) you’ll have the chance to equip ships, hire captains, build your own shipyards and send your cut-throat crews to explore the fabled, lore-rich eastern lands. Bounties beyond your wildest dreams await!

The Varrock dog has never had a good life. It’s been kicked, burned and even had raspberries blown at it as it skulks off to the nearest corner. It’s a sad tale, and if any character deserved a happy Christmas, it’s the Varrock dog. Get involved with giving it a Christmas it will never forget!

In this Distraction & Diversion, you’ll be invited to help a keen artist construct scaffolding to support his latest creations – magnificent sculptures dedicated to a range of gods. Get the scaffolding and location right and you’ll reap the rewards, but if you get it wrong, who knows what abominations you may end up creating?

Featuring our innovative new browser-based technology and with big investments in graphics and gameplay, RuneScape is set to take a monumental leap forward in 2013. Higher visual and audio fidelity, improved camera mechanics and a much more customisable interface system are but a taste of what you can expect.

New Skills (all)

Two brand new skills await you in 2013, with one new resource collection skill and a support skill which will be modelled on some of our oldest and dearest content. Designed to suit the old-school, yet complement the entire game.

Epic Story Conclusions (various)

Pirates, dwarves, gnomes, desert gods, vampyres, workshops, heroes, dragonkin, monkeys… so much to choose from, and that’s just the tip of the penguin iceberg! Help us to define which to work on next by letting us know what your favourites are.

Construction Rework (all)

Our plans for user-generated content are just beginning to culminate in a sequence of mind-blowing updates to the Construction skill. Build and hold forts with your friends as you defend the realm! Bring your finely built, graphically updated houses to the main game world! Design dungeons and invite hardy dungeoneers to crack them!

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