December 27, 2013

Runescape professional one – Elf

Like the soldiers to go casually playing Daguai I want to be proficient in permanent fencing with the fireball I Yinguai . Huang Wen fruit raccoon out to create food, and out of iron ore can be more playing until a book. Then go north to fight windmills plain Goblin Archer , playing defense +1 magic shield I, in addition to the fine soldiers +1 defense against undead undead defense I. Bat Cave kiln out lightning attacks, and summon lightning -2 defense objects , tweeted a defense +1 petrochemical barrier , find a friend to take a gunman bar, buy it estimates more expensive.


Fencing proficient II 3rd floor dungeon going to play rotting undead zombies , knights to find the best team down. Bird of paradise where the jungle snake witch magic produced rebirth , a fired very expensive book, personally feel that early is not very practical , the time can also go playing , anyway, I got 30.

30 out of the weight after surgery can back more syrup , and then compare boredom is the need to find someone to team up to fight the flames flame tower floor skeleton archers, beat silver ore and anti- arms volumes. Anti- roll or point on the shield.

Silver ore to make cross swords +0 ( 6.5 attacks , attacks on the undead +1 ) used . Material ( less than store-bought ) :

Hilt 1 , blade 1 , Orc three coins , a silver ore , copper 20 , iron ore, a hammer , a hammer handle . Made way for :

Jackal Bandit forts Gnoll Soldiers , wolves Bandit Gnoll Soldiers forts , ancient coins have little chance to change to change , 1st floor tower of flame flames bones archer , dark hole kiln Goblin Miner , windmills northern plains Goblin Archer , Goblin Archer windmill northern plains , puppet camp hammer dwarfs.

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