December 10, 2012

Evolution of Combat Video Competition

You’re able to keep using the traditional, low-intensity combat that has always been a part of RuneScape. Clicking on an enemy still initiates a repeated auto-attack, and the amount of damage this does can be multiplied for a 20-minute period by using the Momentum ability.

Momentum is an ultimate ability in the Defence/Constitution category, available to players of all levels, that can be activated when your adrenaline is fully charged. You can access this ability via the ability book that’s been incorporated into the ‘magic’ side stone on your interface.

You can also minimise the action bar at any time. This will free up valuable screen space, and will keep your chat window active by default, so you don’t need to press enter each time you want to speak to your friends.

So what does this mean for you? Well, basically you get to pick and choose the features you want to use without being forced to do any of it. You can have all the cool new gear and other upgrades that the EoC brings, while still enjoying the game in the way you’re used to via the Momentum ability. It’s just one more click every 20 minutes or so!

If you’re a member, you’re immediately eligible to sign up for the Members’ Loyalty Programme. All you need to do is speak to Xuan in-game – found in Varrock market square and north-east Burthorpe. Once you’ve done so, you’ll get a helping of loyalty points to spend in the store for each month that you’re a member, which increases the longer you’ve been a member. You’ll also be kept informed of updates to the Loyalty Shop, including future special offers.

Combat-oriented Loyalty Programme auras are being overhauled for the Evolution of Combat, and will be all the more amazing once it launches – not to mention easier than ever to get your hands on, with the 25% discount. Here are a few of the best to whet your appetite:

  • Inspiration: This will add extra adrenaline with every hit – great for opening up those ultimate abilities all the quicker, particularly with a fast-striking weapon.
  • Invigorate: This aura will retain a chunk of the adrenaline you’d usually use when firing off an ultimate ability, so you’ll be ready to break another out all the sooner.
  • Vampyrism: This fang-tastic favourite really comes into its own with the Evolution of Combat. It returns life points equivalent to 5% of the damage you deal, and the new EoC abilities mean that a skilled player can push DPS – and the healing from this aura – to lofty new heights.

These are just some of the awesome auras available from the Loyalty Shop. Take a look here for full details.

On top of this, everything else in the shop is a mere 50% of the cost it would normally be. There’s never been a better time to grab a flamin’ fabulous ‘blazing gaze’ effect that’ll burn your face into your enemies’ minds, or a ferocious Werewolf Transformation emote. These, and a wide range of other rewards, are all available to those signed up for the Members’ Loyalty Programme.

Whether you’re just signing up now, or have been saving up your loyalty points for a spending spree, don’t miss out on the Evolution of Combat Loyalty Shop Sale when it starts in just five days’ time!

Why merely light a fire when you can combust one into existence? Why fish with a rod when a depth charge is just as effective? Alchemy is an impressive feat in itself, yet that much more remarkable when it’s explosively unstable.

Indeed, those looking to transform their regular skill animations into explosive alternatives need look no further than these latest ones released from my store!

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