October 17, 2013

RS Characters and Upgrade

Here you can find a variety of styles for more tops, bottoms, shoes, and sleeves before, and a spectrum of colors. As for the hair, you can relook at the hairdresser in Falador, just north of the bank, also for free and runescape gold. If for some reason you want to change your gender or skin color, the makeover mage north of the guild will help you craft for 2000 gp. Gathering examples of skills: Mines, which allows you to mine ore and smelt into bars that can be used to forge.


After you choose how your character looks, you can choose a user name. The name can be changed every 28 days if you are a member. If you do not plan to become a member, to take extra care to choose a name you will actually be happy with rs gold. If you do not like your clothes after a while or just bored with them, you can choose to free the new clothing store in Varrock square.

Fishing, which allows you to catch fish with different tools, then cook them with cooking skills. Examples of skills development: Runecrafting, which allows you to rune stones. It is a skill popular because it allows the player a way to make lots of money and runescape money selling runes for other players. Metallurgy, which allows you to make armor and weapons. One of the most popular skills because it can make lots of money for the players run out of cash, provided that their picks and hammers to forge.

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