October 17, 2013

RS The Return of the Player-Kill Method

The Abyss is a place that gives quick access to Runecrafting altars. To access, you must first complete a small task by the Zamorak Mage located just north of Edgeville. This is the same mage that you need to talk to whenever be teleported to the abyss. While the abyss is a great place to quickly access the Runecrafting altars and runescape gold, the return of the player-kill method has one very dangerous. You must pass the player-killers, enter the Abyss, then head past the creatures attack you even more in a multi-combat zone to access your respective altar.


You can place your bags in your inventory so that it is easier for you to click quickly to clear the altar. It varies from person to person, so choose what suits you best. You can obtain a copy of each pocket, so be sure to have them all! Pouches degrade over time and must be repaired. You can do this by talking to the Dark Mage in the middle of the abyss, using “NPC Contact” The moon comes out (talk to the Dark Mage), or by paying the Wizard Korvak Runecrafting guild.

However, you can wear a necklace of binding to increase the rate of 100% chance. The collar allows you to make combination runes 15 before running out. Bar none, the best pockets are rune crafters update have already been in this game and buy Runescape Gold. They allow you to carry extra gas each trip, allowing you to create more runes, allowing you to get more experience and cash. They are obtained through a couple of different methods, but killing creatures in the abyss is the original method.

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