November 7, 2010

Moneymaking Guide on runescape

Today, I will be telling you how to make money in RuneScape, from when you first start your account, to when you are a high level. It will be from killing monsters to skilling to quests to picking up items that are worth quite a bit.

When you first complete the tutorial, do both of the Strongholds. There is the Stronghold of Player Safety, and the Stronghold of Security, you get 10,000 coins from each. To complete the Stronghold of Security, you must first set recovery questions on the RuneScape website. After you have your first 20,000 coins, it will become easier from then on.

Low levels: Kill cows. There is a field located Northeast of Lumbridge. Warning:Bring a weapon, armour, and food, otherwise you could die. When you have a full load of cow hides, use them on Barry, and he will bank the, all for a 10% fee, which is fine, because they sell for 200gp a piece.

Middle Levels: Kill hill giants. If you are high enough level, they are located in a room west of Varrock, and you need a brass key to enter. Again, bring armour, a weapon, and food, otherwise you will die. Pick up Big Bones and Limpwurt Roots only. After you get a full load, walk to the Varrock bank, deposit all your items, and get some more food. Repeat.

Higher levels: Kill dragons. At Green Dragons, you can make up to 1,000,000/hour. If you really wanted to, you could use a cannon, and get more kills easier. WARNING: People will get mad at you. A full load of drops from Green Dragons are a little over 50,000 gold.

There are many other methods that I have not explained, but will also make you money. One of which is merchanting, which I will not share the “secrets” of.

Now! You have now made quite a bit of money in RuneScape, and have enough to buy decent weapons, armour, and other items!

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