November 5, 2010

A guide to 99 Crafting on Runescape

Getting 99 Crafting is just as much work as getting any other skill to 99. The crafting skillcape is the 15th most common skillcape found in Runescape currently.

Level 1-10: Cowhides

From levels 1-10 you are going to buy tanned leather, a needle, and thread. Just make the highest thing you can, gloves, coif, boots, etc.

Levels 10-64: Spinning Flax

From levels 10-64 you are going to spin flax. Now you have to spin 27,058 flax to reach level 64. This will take a long time but you will make somewhere around 3+ mill profit.

Level 64-84:Bodies

I recommend you spin bodies, instead of chaps, or vamps because you only get slightly more xp, but lose a lot more money. At level 64 start by making green hide bodies until 71. At level 71 start making blue hide bodies. At level 84 start making black hide bodies.

From here you have several choices of getting 99 crafting.


1: Black dragon hide bodies. These are extremely fast xp but costly.

2: Battle Staving. Buy orbs instead of making them, its fast xp/hr.

3: Ruby Bracelets. Its recommended not to craft higher level bracelets due to you lose a lot more money and only get a small amount more xp.

4: Flax. This method is extremely slow, but you will make 75+ mill profit.

5 Gold Amulets. Quite profitable and very easy.

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