November 5, 2010

Runescape Dungeoneering

Created in 2010, Dungeoneering has raised a lot of eyebrows from higher level players. After a few surveys done in my own time, i found most are worried this form of “skilling” might help other players get better, quicker, and would have to sacrifice much less to get to a high level.

Smithing, for example. Usually to get the materials from scratch, it could take up to a week to make around 1000 steel bars. And that would only get you up about 5-15 levels give or take. Or if you bought the materials, you’d be looking at around 1mil for 1000 steel bars.

Where as, in dungeoneering. You can easily get up 2-3 smithing levels in a single dungeon. And, if working hard enough, about 10 levels over the course of an evening! As well as making big progress in other levels, such as dungeoneering, mining, etc.

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