December 18, 2012

Added the option to spend real money

It’s sad to see how they not only abuse children, but assume their community is primarily filled with ignorant people who don’t see through the real motives for this update. Was it a coincidence they introduced this as a bonus first, then later on added the option to spend real money on artificial (meaningless) spins? No. Is it really true the majority enjoys this content and wouldn’t want it deleted? No. They obviously realise people know what this is about: maximizing their profits and abusing slightly addicted children/teenagers in a very unethical way.

The most annoying part of it all is that they are too stubborn to stop believing their own excuses. The real Jagex from the past would have never thought about introducing this, but it’s a fact the people who really cared about this game, its principles and community have retired and sold it to people who see this as nothing more than a source of money.

Also, the little feedback they actually read and take into account is from people on their official boards, mostly people sucking major organ to get that green background and forum moderator status. They aren’t objective, nor do they represent the actual majority. The original idea wasn’t a bad one, and it’s their right to try and make people log in daily. They went a step too far, and from this post it seems they either 1) don’t realise or 2) don’t really give a stink what we have to say about it. Fine, but then they shouldn’t expect people to treat the game with any more respect than they do their players: bots, money farmers, lurers, scammers, hackers, etc.. that’s the kind of community they are creating. Years ago I hated every one of those, now I don’t even mind – the faster this game goes down the crapper and their unethical moneyhungry attitude is forced to end, the better.

Naturally the team and I are saddened that some players are upset about free spins and some also don’t like the ability to also purchase additional spins, however, the reality is 90% of our members are enjoying the Squeal of Fortune on a daily basis and over 70% of our free players utilise the Squeal of Fortune daily too – making it some of the most widely appreciated content release to date. The majority of our players also continue to take advantage of the many free ways to earn extra spins, so it’s certainly here to stay.

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