December 18, 2012

Overhauled the top-level interface

A full list of improvements we’ve made would be an essay worthy of Reldo himself, so the best thing to do is to go ahead and explore the new site first hand!

Next up, we’ve overhauled the top-level interface in full-screen and resizable windowed mode. It’s designed to give the game a bold new look and feel, and to promote easier, more fluid interaction with the game world:

– Icons have been restyled and enlarged.
– Operation text now appears within the field of play, next to the mouse cursor, when hovering over objects, giving you the important information you need while allowing you to keep your eye on the game. This can be toggled off in the “options” menu if necessary.
– Examine text will also be displayed in the field of play.
– There is a darker gradient behind text in the chat window, to increase legibility.
– The mini-map and surrounding UI elements have a new, metallic border.
– The game window has been given a decorative border.

This is just the first batch of interface improvements that we have in store, and we’ll be continuing to work hard to improve it. Watch out for this, as well as more graphical and usability changes, in the weeks and months to come!

Captain Turkerton and his rabble-rousing band of dissidents have set up a picket outside the Cooking Guild, lambasting the basting of their comrades as part of a traditional Thanksgiving feast. If the situation escalates further, there’ll be much more than cranberry sauce spilled. Can you arrange a peaceful, yet wholesome and nutritious, solution?

In Other News…

– Along with the new website comes a re-structured hiscores section, which is now a members-only feature, for the reasons outlined in last week’s post. When a term of membership elapses, there is a 14 day grace period in which the account will remain on the hiscores. After this period, the account will not be shown on the hiscores until it is re-subscribed. Please note that this works from the date of your subscription, not the date of today’s update; for example, if your subscription elapsed 10 days ago, you now only have 4 days before your account is no longer displayed.

– With the launch of the RuneScape wiki, the Quest Help system has been removed from the game.

– Leprechauns will now store plant cures, up to 255 buckets, 5 scarecrows, and can deposit magic secateurs automatically if equipped. The Herblore Habitat leprechaun will now also store up to 30 of several kinds of vine.

-Several boss respawn rates have been increased.

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