October 14, 2010

Scavenger Race Competition

We’re happy to announce a ferocious scavenger race competition around RuneScape that will involve loads of running, a bit of skilling and whole lot of fun! Before you get too excited, this competition is not about grinding a skill, but a race around the RuneScape map that involves many skills.

The starting point of the race is the Lumber Yard east of Varrock, however, the next steps will not be revealed until just before the start of the race. It will be up to you to equip yourself with items you think will be most useful for whatever you might encounter during the race…

Many prizes await you in this in-game competition, so keep your eyes peeled. Intrigued? Check out the Scavenger Race thread for all the info.

The race will start on Saturday 16th October at 18:00 BST (on world 11) – that’s 19:00 in Bavaria and 17:00 in Timbuktu!

We hope you enjoy this über serious race!

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