December 12, 2012

Retired players should consider returning

Gunbound first reached America in 2006 and Europe in 2007. The game has steadily increased its list of mobiles which now come in all shapes and sizes. The frog mobile shoots a green slime that either rolls forward or backwards upon landing, the venerable ‘Boomer’ shoots a boomerang which is difficult to aim but deadly in the hands of a master.

What makes the Gunbound so attractive to both new and old gamers? Like all great games, Gunbound is easy to learn but difficult to master. Newbies can play the game among themselves and laugh as they continue to miss one another or get in lucky shots. Experts enjoy the game for its infinite variety and skill-based gameplay. Onlookers may think you’re playing a childish game but anyone whose experienced Gunbound knows that it is a deep and rewarding experience.

Nexon’s 2D side-scrolling MMORPG has an addictive effect on Western gamers. Originally designed to appeal to young Korean gamers, MapleStory has attracted a much older audience in America. Middle school and High school students across the nation play MapleStory, many going so far as to spend money in the game’s optional micro-transaction funded shop. Major news stations have even covered the game and how some players steal from their own parents to flash out their online avatars.

Neopets was released in 1999 and purchased by Viacom in 2005. New Neopets, mini-games and regions have been added to the world of Neopia over time. Today, the interface is much improved and even new spin-off sites like PetPet Park are in the works. The number of activities possible in Neopets set it apart from most MMORPGs, browser based or otherwise. Where else can you buy stocks one moment, run a small shop the next, and start a stamp or trading card collection afterward?

Retired players should consider returning, with all the new additions and the recent tie-in with Nickelodeon the Neopets experience has been completely revamped. It’s easier to customize your pet, simple paint brushes are more accessible but there’s still plenty of motivation to amass millions of Neopoints!

Most online PC gamers have played Ragnarok Online in the past. Whether its on the official Gravity servers or one of thousands of private servers, we’ve all experienced the unique blend of 3D graphics and 2D sprites. Based on Norse mythology, Ragnarok Online won gamers over with a great musical score and simple gameplay. The large class choice and ability to advance into more specialized professions kept RO interesting for many grind sessions.

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