September 13, 2014

The Tricks to Un-ban a RuneScape Account



If you break rules in the online role-playing game “RuneScape,” Jagex Games Studios may ban your account. “RuneScape” has several rules that players must follow to protect players, including the prohibition of threatening another player, using third-party software or using obscene or inappropriate language. If you break a rule and Jagex bans your account, you can appeal the ban using the appeals system. Although there is no guarantee that Jagex will un-ban your account, it is important to apologize for your mistake and prove to Jagex that you care about your runescape accounts.


1.Visit the “RuneScape” homepage at
2.Hover your mouse over the “Help” link, and select “Appeal Bans and Mutes” from the drop-down list.
3.Log in to your “RuneScape” account, and click “Log in Now.” Your offense history appears on your screen.
4.Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select an offense. Click the “Appeal” link, and select “Customer Support has Made a Mistake.”
5.Explain your reason for breaking the rules in the field provided. Apologize for your mistake, and explain that you will never break any rules again.
6.Click the “Submit” button. Return to the page daily to check the status of your appeal.
Tips & Warnings
1).Jagex Customer Service handles each appeal on an individual basis.
2).In some cases, Jagex might allow you to pay to have your account un-banned.
3.If you are a long-term member and Jagex denies your appeal, you might receive the opportunity for a second appeal.

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