September 13, 2014

What kind of runescape accounts can be offered best price



In the runescape accounts market, most popular runescape accounts are still main, that is non pure, but high combat level with high melee accounts. For example, if your attack/ stregnth/ defense/ range/ level are 80+, you would have a good offer which is $20+, and if your account carry with more gold or good equipments, it helps you get more offer.

currently most people would love to sell runescape accounts to because they offer good for runescape accounts sale, and they pay fast, once accounts sold, they would pay you.

Take some screenshots of your account. Include a picture of the character, stats, banked items, and blackmarks. Optional photos would be: Days of membership left, emotes, quest points and send it to your selling site.

Leave your contact information so you can close the deal faster. Going first is always risky. If you can, try to talk the buyer into going last. Make sure to delete recoveries on the account and remove all pins before transferring account over

If going last, check to make sure that you’ve gotten the payment and that it says: Verifed Bank Account. Now message the person back thanking them and include the account in question’s: Account Name & Password.If you didn’t delete the PIN or recoveries, include those too. Have fun selling your account.

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