October 17, 2010

RuneScape Game Bar – New Friends List Feature

Back in August we released the RuneScape Game Bar, a toolbar for your web browser that gives you up to date information about your RuneScape account. Tens of thousands of players have now downloaded and installed the Game Bar, and the overall feedback was you wanted it to do more!

I am pleased to announce that our latest update is now live and allows for you to see which of your friends is online. This is a great feature for checking who is online while you’re away from RuneScape; it will ensure that you never miss your friends when they log in.

Other features of the Game Bar include:

  • Information about any Grand Exchange offers you have running.
  • Reminders about repeatable content, including when you can next play Tears of Guthix, redo the Phoenix Lair, fight Bork and the Skeletal Horror, and when you can earn more Thieves’ Guild Hanky Points.
  • Quick links to the RuneScape forums, game guide and Adventurer’s Log, among others.
  • An RSS feed of recent newsposts on the RuneScape website.
  • A ‘Play Now’ button to quickly load up RuneScape.
  • A search bar.

To install the Game Bar, simply click this link and follow the instructions. Currently, the Game Bar only supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. There is an FAQ about the Game Bar here.

This article transferred from Runescape official website. Thanks for reading, hope to bring you help, if you have any questions, please mail to me, thank you.

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