November 4, 2010

Smithing guide in Runescape

There are no tricks to smithing, no shortcuts, and it takes a great deal of time and patience to get to 99 smithing. But there are ways to shorten the long period of time.

Levels 1-29

Do the Knights sword quest, great smithing XP-Getting to level 30 should not be a problem, smith and smelt bronze or iron, buying bars is ok because it won’t cost to much to get to level 30.

Levels 30-69

Buy a lot of coal and iron and smelt steel bars at Al Karid, try to buy in a 2:1 coal:iron ratio-Do not smith the bars or you will end up losing money, instead sell them at 550-600 ea at world 1, and try to sell in bulk-This method gets you: 7k smithing XP, and 40k an hour-With more money, increase the size of your stock and repeat-Smelting mith is not generally a good idea since it costs more to make the bars than to sell-Also while smelting, try to buy some steel bars from other smelters to merchant off them, you’ll need the extra money.

Levels 70-84

Continue with smelting steel or – Buy the add ores and coal and smelt using the furnace, and sell the bars, it will be difficult to find an add bar buyer, super heating will cost to much-With the money you have gained off smelting steel bars, buy some bars to make it go faster, iron bars are better because they are cheaper waste (refer to cash per XP table).

Levels 85+

Should be a breeze now-Make and sell rune axes (slow XP but good cash)-Superheat rune bars and sell, or get someone like me to smith into better items-Do some rune super heating for people who are to lazy or can’t do it themselves-At this point if you really want 99 smithing, with the profit you’re making off the rune you can continue to smith iron to add plates until you reach 99 smithing, or you can get to 96 smithing and just make rune kites with stouts.

Opportunity Costs

Try to take the best path that suits you, and ask yourself could i have done something else? and analyze your choices and compare it to see which one is better-suppose you have steel bars waiting to be smithed, but since we know that the XP per bar is kind of high, sell them and buy iron bars instead, in the end you’ll receive more smithing xp, but will spend a bit more time-time is still an important factor, smithing steel bars will save you more time than smithing iron bars, and the money you could have saved from the iron bars can be earned back when you make rune because you got their faster.

General Tips

Find something to do while smelting, talk to your friends, surf the web, do your homework, etc.-use smithing/smelting calculators on fan sites if your interested in knowing how close to are to the next lvl-use the Runescape forums or go to w1 fally east to buy and sell ores and bars-you have run, use it-do things in large scale, don’t like make 100 steel bars than sell than buy 200 coal and 100 iron, do things in like 1000s-all smithing should be done at varr west, and smelting at Al karid.

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