November 4, 2010

Guide will make you lvl 99 in woodcutting for Runescape

Levels 1 – 15

You can basically do this anywhere there are lots of normal logs. I suggest the western border of Varrock for it is close to a bank, and there are lots of normal trees around. When you get there, weild your axe and start cutting. You’ll find you only get 1 log per tree, unfortunatly. Each normal log gives 25 exp. You should gain a couple levels, around to level 5 in the first batch and you need to cut around 97 logs to get to level 15. This shouldn’t take too long, maybe 10 minutes at the least (or most).

Levels 15 – 30

At level 15, you’ve hopfully gotten the basics of Woodcutting down. From here, do basically what you did for getting to level 15, cut logs. But this time, cut Oak logs. Oak trees give more than 1 log per tree, which is helpful. Oak logs give 37.5 exp approx. each log. Cut the logs in Varrock, the same place as cutting the normal logs. You need to cut approx. 293 Oak logs to get to level 30.

Levels 30 – 60

At level 30 Woodcutting, head south from Varrock to Draynor Village (or I guess town) and begin to cut Willow Logs. You will notice, on any world, there will be lots of woodcutters there for this area is a great area to gain quick woodcutting experience. Once level 45, if you are a member, you can cut Maple logs, which are a somewhat good profit if you are poor. But, they are slow cutting when you are level 45. Back to willow logs, they give 67.5 exp per log, making it getting from level 30 to 60, you need to cut approx. 3,858 Willow logs. This can consume much of your playing time if you are just straight cutting and will take a LONG time to do. Once your level 60, give yourself a pat on the back, for you at a good point.

Levels 60 – 75

From here, you can either keep cutting Willow logs, meaning cutting about 13,877 Willow logs. This will take a HUGE amount of time, but is somewhat worth it. Anyway, once your level 60, you can cut Yew Logs which are a great way of making money. Yews give about 175 exp per log, meaning quick exp. A good place to cut them in F2P worlds is in Edgeville. They are in the ruined building. A good place for P2P is in Seers Village. They (in Seers Village) are pretty close to a bank, same in Edgeville. Getting to level 75 woodcutting from 60 cutting yew logs means cutting about 5,353 Yew Logs, more than 2 times less than the amount of cutting willow logs, but Yew Logs are twice as slow cutting, or even sometimes 3 times as slow.

Levels 75 – 99

From here, you can cut Magic Trees, which are members only. They are a slow source of exp and getting them in general when your level 75, so I suggest cutting them at level 85 or around that. A good place to cut Magic Tree’s is the Tree Gnome Stronghold or Seer’s Village.

Note: As you gain levels, buy better axes. They are helpful as you begin to be able to cut better trees and they make cutting A LOT quicker.

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