November 8, 2010

Member benefits in runescape

What are useful Runescape member in the end, many people who are new to Runescape want to know. I would like Runescape official website has also been stated, I am here to tell you.Please go away if you know.

Runescape membership can cost from anywhere from $6.00 to $7.50 depending on the way that you purchase below are some benifits of members

1. Tons of extra quests that can mount to some time and skill leveling making it more fun… over 200 extra quests compared to like maybe 20…

2. Extra Skills that you can train can lead to a higher total level and even a combat level… extra skills are very fun to train and you can mount up to a lot more money using them with such skills as slayer, once you practicly become a member you can almost make 10M per slaying assignment,I think this is very important, there are many skills in Runescape only members may have. So if you want to have some skills, you have to allow themselves to be members. Such as Agility, herblore, farming, fletching, summoning etc …

3. Higher Combat Levels are one more beinifit of many to add! On nonmember worlds you can only get a level of 130, and that is with having 99 of all nonmember combat skills and hp… On a members world you can get up to 140 combat level, only because of one extra skill, Summoning, a creature that will follow you on runescape and will help you fight!!

4. pets can be very fun for house parties but are of no sucnifisence in the game, just more fun…
5. More areas, A LOT MORE AREAS ARE THERE WITH MEMBERS WORLD!! you can go to over 25 towns and cities not to mention all the small villages in between… You can go into a desert and everything, im not talking AL Kerhaid Desert but im talking like the Shanty desert!!

6. Items are another thing to look at before getting a runescape membership, if you have only abilities to use nonmembers items, you may want to hold off unless you are a skiller, then you might for an axe or pickaxe!

These are only a few benifits of runescape membership post a comment for questions!

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