November 2, 2010

Melee Training Tips in Runescape

Here are some tips to use while training melee.(U’ll mayb know all of them but still read its helpfull much)

1.While fighting and u like to be safe so u’ll surely eat something at half health but no wait for the fight to end first becuz eating in a fight take u 1 hit which cud be the last hit and mayb becuz of tht u will lose more health than u healed >.< But for monsters like the king black dragon or even at barrows or god wars dungeon its recommended to eat in fights and pray.

2.If u are not thinking to run away from a fight then never move while fighting with a scimitar u can lose hit acording to the amount of steps u did.But mayb if u see a dragonic visage on the floor and ur fighting then run to it!

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