November 2, 2010

Five ways to have fun in Runesacpe

1.Is mostly to link into your brain that Runescape is the funnest thing you could be doing in that moment! Plus playing with a smile on your face always helps, as when you smile the muscles that you use trigger a substance in your brain which actually makes you feel good! So smile!

2. to have a free plan of what you’re going to do on that day on Runescape. I usually find that when I’m playing if I’m on a schedule I don’t tend to enjoy it, but if I’m doing whatever I want I’m more relaxed with it. Plus if you are in a state of comfort, you can instantly see results as you are definitely relaxed while playing!

3. To have great fun on Runescape is to play with friends! As it’s friends who usually have great plans for a activities/events to do around Runescape! For instance recently with the Halloween season here, there have been zombie hunts in clan wars! I would’ve never have found out this, and actually gone to the event if my friend hadn’t taken me over! So thanks! Plus I eliminated all my boredom, and gained a whopping 5 levels in my attack when I’d finished doing it for 3 days!

4.Is all about actually doing something you like on the game, as it is a game after all. So please don’t fish your brains out, if mining is really your thing as you’re just kidding yourself! Plus you’ll start to hate the experience of this great game! Remember this is all fun and games, so however you play you feel!

5. Is to listen to your favourite music while playing! There are literally millions of tracks worldwide for you to listen to, and you don’t have to buy them off iTunes! You can now simply listen to your favourite tracks on a website called “Groove-shark”, and it’s one of the best I know sites for free music!

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