November 4, 2010

Forum Anniversary Celebrations

It has been one year already since we launched forums for our Danish, NorwegianPolishSpanish and Swedish communities. In celebration, we’ve arranged a few events you may wish to join us for.

We begin our celebrations on Saturday 6th November with a traditional ball at Falador’s Party Room. Everybody is welcome to attend and put some bits and bobs into the chest. Check out theForum Anniversary thread for more details.

On Sunday 7th November at 3pm (GMT), a special Forum Challenge thread will be revealed. Find out how much you really know about our forums and give yourself a chance to win one month of membership!

Finally, we would like to invite you all to celebrate with us with a PvP fight. Decide which community you want to support, get the right cape and come to the Bandit Camp to fight for domination. Be careful: it will not be a safe battle! For more details on this event, check out the Domination Challenge thread.

Looking forward to see you!

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